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Shanghai - 上海
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Looking for Sr engineering managers and also engineering lead to join our top US base client, If you’re ready to innovate and lead in the Digital space, don't hesitate to ping me.

Scope and Responsibilities:
As the Manager for the China Digital Engineering Team, you will lead the teams responsible for building the next generation commerce
• Leverage your love of Cloud computing/APIs/Java/NodeJS skills to design and build the new breed of web platform for Nike Commerce
• Build on your knowledge of horizontally scalable no-sql databases such as DynamoDb, Cassandra and Riak etc, to ensure we have highly-available and high-performance data
• Harness your DevOps skills to automate your service deployments so they’re fully repeatable. Experience using Puppet/Chef/Saltstack/Ansible is a plus
• Profile and performance tune your work to ensure we deliver the fastest web experience to all customers across the globe
• Review teammates technical designs, code and tests to keep the entire team focused on being the best they can be
• Partner with other architects and teams to ensure the whole Commerce ecosystem of services stay loosely coupled and independently scalable
• Automate the testing of all of your components to ensure we have excellent test coverage with quality assertions
• Participate in design sessions, implementation plans, resolve technical issues, review code and provide feedback
• Build and maintain simple and intuitive APIs’ for a very large developer community
• Encourage innovation with new technologies and elegant solutions
• Advocate technical direction, define best practices and principles
• Build highly successful performant teams
• Onboard and coach new team members
• Ensure successful quality software with emphasis in these areas:
o Security
o Privacy
o Reliability
o Availability
o Maintainability
o Performance

Required Qualifications:
• Masters’ or Bachelors' degree in Computer Science or a related field
• 8+ years professional experience in the design of complex projects across web platforms & mobile applications, with internal and external design, development, and quality teams
• Minimum of 5 years of experience and success in designing, developing consumer-facing web applications for highly available, scalable and secure sites
• Solid knowledge of web technologies and application stacks built on Java, Javascript, Node.js, Scala, Python using microservices on cloud native architecture
• Experience designing APIs and creating RESTful microservices
• Functional experience & knowledge of cloud technology (AWS, Azure, etc…).
• Experience with both relational and No-SQL databases (Cassandra, DynamoDB etc)
• Experience in Docker, Kubernetes or other container technologies
• Experience with hierarchical and distributed code repository management tools like GIT
• Experience or exposure to Domain-Driven Design principles.
• Solid understanding of SLDC’s, Common development practices, Agile, and Lean principles.
• Demonstrated success in leading a methodical process of analyzing problems, gathering information, generating options and documenting solutions; then proposing and acting on a course of action
• Proven ability to pull together diverse individuals with different goals and facilitate productive discussions

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