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Shanghai - 上海
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Job Summary

JOB ID: 519771

JOB TITLE: Lead Engineer (Java)

Scope and Responsibilities:

  • Leverage your love of Cloud computing/APIs/java skills to design and build the new breed of web platform
  • Build on your knowledge of horizontally scalable no-sql databases such as DynamoDb, Cassandra and Riak etc, to ensure we have highly-available and high-performance data
  • Harness your DevOps skills to automate your service deployments so they’re fully repeatable. Experience using Puppet/Chef/Saltstack/Ansible is a plus
  • Profile and performance tune your work to ensure we deliver the fastest web experience to all customers across the globe
  • Review teammates technical designs, code and tests to keep the entire team focused on being the best they can be
  • Partner with other architects and teams to ensure the whole ecosystem of services stay loosely coupled and independently scalable
  • Automate the testing of all of your components to ensure we have excellent test coverage with quality assertions
  • Participate in design sessions, implementation plans, resolve technical issues, review code and provide feedback
  • Build and maintain simple and intuitive APIs’ for a very large developer community within.
  • Encourage innovation with new technologies and elegant solutions
  • Advocate technical direction, define best practices and principles
  • Onboard new team members
  • Ensure successful quality software with emphasis in these areas:
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Reliability
    • Availability
    • Maintainability
    • Performance


Required Qualifications:


  • Masters’ or Bachelors' degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • 6+ years professional experience in the design of complex projects across web platforms & mobile applications, with internal and external design, development, and quality teams
  • Solid knowledge of web technologies and application stacks built on Java, Javascript, using microservices on cloud native architecture
  • Experience designing APIs and creating RESTful microservices
  • Functional experience & knowledge of cloud technology (AWS, Azure, Alicloud, etc…).
  • Experience with both relational and No-SQL databases (Cassandra, DynamoDB, PostgreSql etc)
  • Experience in Docker, Kubernetes or other container technologies
  • Experience with hierarchical and distributed code repository management tools like GIT
  • Experience or exposure to Domain-Driven Design principles.
  • Solid understanding of SLDC’s, Common development practices, Agile, and Lean principles
  • Commitment to and hands-on experience in performing technical code reviews
Please feel free to contact me via or wechat-xiansophia