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Guangzhou - 广州
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Job Summary

  • Implement DEPARTMENT use cases in GCP (design, development/coding, testing & deployment into Production) e.g.
  • example 1: Build near-real-time pipeline: a message is published by an COMPANY system > Pub/Sub > Dataflow > write record to BigQuery > trigger data science analytics in Datalab.
  • example 2: Build batch process: a large file is generated in an COMPANY Hadoop cluster > an Abinitio job transfers the file to Cloud Storage (raw data) > write data to BigQuery (normalised data).
  • example 3: Write a complex Dataflow job in Java (or Python) to merge customer and transaction messages with bulk unstructured news articles > update customer profile record in Bigtable > re-calculate customer risk score.
  • Collaborate with central teams (architecture, security, engineering, networks) who are responsible for delivering COMPANY抯 baseline cloud architecture. Ensure that DEPARTMENT requirements are taken into account.
  • Collaborate with other development teams that are also working to deliver use cases on GCP e.g. share best practice.

Implement DevOps / Automation on GCP according to system requirement#511529 DevOps Engineer

Our client company is a UK based international finance and technology company.

Roles & Responsibilities



  • Technical Skills - must-have
  • Some knowledge of cloud architecture & services (preferably GCP).
  • 3+ years Java experience.
  • Python.
  • Linux, Bash/shell scripting.
  • DevOps principles & tools (CICD, Bamboo/Jenkins, Github/Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence).
  • Excellent in Jenkins
  • Excellent in Automation toolset (Terraform, Ansible or Saltstack).
  • Agile development principles (Scrum, Kanban, MVP).
  • Data (databases, management, transformation, metadata).
  • Technical Skills - nice-to-have
  • GCP certified.
  • Containers/Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Nexus, Git, GitHub.
  • Experience on Microservice E2E Design/Deployment
  • Additional Requirements
  • Good communication (verbal, written, email). Ability to explain complex ideas.
  • Ability to work as part of an agile team (familiarity with agile methodology).
  • Ability to work in a team that is located across multiple countries/regions.
  • Willingness to adapt and learn new things.
  • Takes ownership of tasks.
If you are interested in this position, please kindly contact me:
Mobile: +86 13801801991
Wechat: loiscoraggio