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Shanghai - 上海
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Job Summary

Location: Shanghai

Industry: IT

Job requirements:

  • About 3 years of Data Engineer experience
  • Spark with Java (SparkSQL, SparkCore, RDD)
  • Hadoop Ecosystems (HQL)
  • Familiar with Oracle Data base
  • Must be Fluent in Oral English
Job Responsibilities:
* Develop on distributed big data platforms
* Work with local and international teams to analyze business requirements, design and implement data solutions, architecture, and algrithm
* Effectively manage and organize hundreds of PB data through data warehousing, metadata and data governance
* Proactively seek for opportunities to empower business by data - based on deep understanding of business and data, through building data products with insights
* Working with the local and international team to lead & drive innovation during the full lifecycle of data development
* Keeping involving in the leading technologies in big data indutry, and bringing new power to data solutions and products
If any interest, feel free to contact via Email: